Village Insurance Newsletter- June 2021

15 Jul 2021

Hi All, 

This year is flying by and we have been from Kaitaia to Invercargill in the last two months for conferences, and my annual trip visiting some national accounts for health insurance schemes that I look after. Everywhere I have gone business seems to be pumping and people are struggling to get staff to keep up with demand. If your business is finding the same issue, give me a call and I will explain how these other businesses are using health insurance to their advantage.

Back from the deep south and with one child graduated, married and gainfully employed the light at the end of the tunnel seems quite a bit brighter. Lucky we left when we did and missed the floods.

Ticked Stewart Island off the bucket list and can highly recommend it. Also managed to get into a gig in Christchurch by an international DJ called Wilkinson. If you are interested, download a song called “Air I Breathe” and turn it up loud. Not quite an all night rave but we were the oldest people there by at least 20 years. Another bucket list tick.

We are trialling a new email newsletter system so some of you may be receiving this for the first time, so apologies if you have unsubscribed before. We are making a significant investment in technology to keep you all up to date with your policies on an annual basis. Part of the reason for this is that I constantly hear from people that they didn’t realise that we did a type of insurance so never contacted us. Hence the content in this newsletter to let you know of some of the services we provide. We can pretty much do everything insurance wise so just email us your query or give us a call.


House and Contents Insurance

General Insurance helps us protect ourselves and the things we value, such as our homes, our cars and our valuables. From the financial impact of risks, big and small – from fire, flood, storm and earthquakes, to theft, car accidents, travel mishaps – and even from the costs of legal action against us.

For more information, please click here.

Life Insurance

Life insurance acts as a safety net to protect your family if the worst were to happen. Think of it as an investment in the future of the ones you love. Life insurance pays out a lump sum if you were to pass away – you can relax knowing your loved ones will be able to pay off the mortgage and any debts and that things like kids’ education could be taken care of.

How much life insurance do you need?.

Trauma Insurance

Everyone knows someone that has had cancer, a heart attack, a stroke or even worse died. It’s a time of massive uncertainty for the person that gets sick, as well as everyone around them. That’s when you need money the most because that’s when your lives go on hold.

What is trauma insurance?.

Medical Insurance

Your health is worth protecting. Having health insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family can get the medical treatment you need, when you need it. If you are diagnosed with a non-acute medical condition, you could have a long, uncomfortable wait for treatment from the public health system. For private treatment you can expect to pay thousands of dollars for some common operations. Without health insurance, these can be hard to afford.

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Lastly some industry news, Club Marine a specialist boat insurer have decided to exit the market completely and if you have a policy with them you won’t be able to renew it again when it comes due. We have had a few enquiries from their customers and so far our policy and pricing has been very favorable so if you are in that situation please give us a call or drop us an email with the details and we will look after you.