Protect what is most important to you…

6 Mar 2014

I have a couple of new products to let you know about. Firstly, in addition to continuing to offer advice on all insurances, I am also the Hawkes Bay Account Manager for Driveline – I have some unique financing and ownership options for your next vehicle, for either business or personal use. Call me before your next purchase.

Secondly, and most importantly, we have a new product to ensure your children’s lives are covered. This is something that none of us as parents like to think about, but this is a product I am fully behind. It is definitely a product that I encourage you to speak to me further about to make sure you are covered should the unthinkable ever happen.

What is Kids Cover?

A number of medical conditions can affect kids, and Asteron Life’s Kids Cover helps you protect them financially by paying you a lump sum if your child is affected by one of these conditions. Many parents choose this cover so they can take time off work if their child becomes sick or injured, and to help pay for recovery-related expenses.
The first $10,000 per child is free with your own Asteron Life Insurance Policy. PLUS, you can add additional amounts of protection for just one dollar per month per $10,000 of cover.

Village Insurance kids cover

“I used to find the idea of setting up insurance cover for my kids quite unsettling, because I don’t want to think about anything happening to them. That was until I realised it’s about protecting my family and being able to provide the love and support when they might need it the most. Hopefully I’ll never have to claim, but if I need it, I know it’s there.”
Kate, Asteron Life customer and mum of four